Tarot Reading & Coaching

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards.
Each card has its own symbolism, its own images, its own story.

The deck consists of two parts:

  • Major Arcana (representing life’s spiritual lessons)
  • Minor Arcana (reflecting on daily lessons)

How does Tarot work?

Tarot cards give us access to our subconscious. Every image, symbol, color, or shape on the card can reveal something for us. It can be a feeling, a thought, an interpretation, a taste, a smell, … It can be different for everyone.

They reveal what is important at the moment, what wants to be seen and felt. They mirror our soul, acting like a projection surface to that what lies in the subconscious.

The cards support when you might have an idea or a feeling already, but cannot grasp it yet – they might affirm to you what you already felt deep inside. They help you understand interconnections and can bring more clarity for the lessons life offers on your path.

My experience with Tarot

Sometimes I find it a little scary how on point the messages of the cards are.

As a child I loved to play being a witch. One of my favorite TV shows was Charmed. With friends we experimented with witch boards, pendulums, and oracle cards. Growing up I somehow lost that connection to my witchy side.

Until I was gifted a Tarot deck from my Yoga Teacher.

I started pulling a card of the day in the morning and reading the explanations from Elliot Oracle. I wanted to read them myself and find my own interpretations.

So I participated in a Tarot Coaching Initiation and learned to intuitively read the Tarot Cards.

Intuition has been a huge topic for me in the last years and still is. So I am very grateful for this tool – allowing me to connect to my own inner wisdom through the Tarot Cards.

I love to receive Tarot readings myself. It can be very touching to hear your soul speaking through another person.

What Questions to ask?

Open ended questions – meaning they cannot be answered with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ – where the cards can tell you a story, not an outcome.

Choose one that truly feels important for you right now.
I invite you to take a moment, sit down and connect to your breath.
Place your hands on your heart center and breathe deeply.
What topic comes up intuitively?
Maybe you want to choose a question around that.


  • What is important for me to know right now (regarding x)?
  • What happens if I do x?
  • Me and x (my mum, my business, … any topic)
  • What is there that I don’t see just yet (regarding x)?
  • What obstacle do I need to overcome?
  • Which is my next best step (regarding x, today)?

Tarot Reading

You will receive an audio recording and a photo of the cards I pulled. Depending on the question, the spread, and what answers want to come through the audio is around 20 to 40 minutes long.
50 EUR / Session
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I truly believe that we are all connected. And we can all connect to a collective, universal wisdom.

During a Tarot Reading I will ask the cards a question on behalf of you – surely only with your permission. Tapping into your energy field, connecting to the universal wisdom, and acting as a channel through which information can flow.

I tell you what the cards want to say. What seems essential? What is important to do and what connections are there?

Allowing you to take a position, to feel what is your truth. What resonates, where do you feel rejection?

You will receive your reading within 2 weeks as I intuitively decide when it feels right to ask your question. I invite you to trust the divine timing.

Tarot Coaching

You will receive a photo of the cards I pulled. The duration of the session will be around 60 to 90 minutes.
77 EUR / Session
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In a Tarot Coaching I guide you on a journey to your inner wisdom – to find your answers within yourself.

We’ll meet on Zoom. Here we can hear and see each other via video conference. I’ll send you instructions on how to set up the program in advance.

I will use my Tarot deck to pull the cards for you and you will be able to see them clearly through a second camera.

You have time to take notes during or after the session, so I invite you to bring your journal or a piece of paper.

Good to know

Tarot is not about predicting the future. It’s not about how exactly things will happen. It’s an energetic snapshot of the moment. Of what is going on, how energies are moving right now, and what seems to be important. Being well aware that within just a second, everything can change.

I am totally committed to speak from my heart – from a place of love. If anything that I say might trigger you, I invite you to step into the feeling that comes up.

I invite you to trust, that there might lie essential information for you in it.

The reading can bring new information into your conscious field. See it as a tray with different options. From there you can either recalibrate or go on like before.

How you react is up to you. This is still your free will!