Yoga Exploration

Let me guide you on an exploration journey into Yoga

There are so many options available to practice Yoga. Following a YouTube video, an online live class or an in person practice. Whichever Yoga class you participate in, I’d love for you to feel good during and after. Did you ever participate in a Yoga class and feel stressed to follow along? You’d love to practice Yoga, but even a ‘gentle’ or ‘slow’ class feels fast-paced and exhausting? Maybe you had thoughts of being not fit or flexible enough.
I promise, you are!
I’d love for you to explore Yoga with feelings of ease and joy.

Explore and reconnect with Yoga to help yourself

  • relieve chronic stress patterns.
  • increase your body awareness.
  • calm your nervous system.
  • find mental clarity.
  • strengthen your physical body.
  • nourish your soul.

How do we explore Yoga in an easy and relaxed way?

In our time together we can have a look at specific Asanas that feel difficult or not accessible for you. I will guide you to find your way to receive the intended benefits of the Asana in a way that is comfortable for your body. Together we can find your own tools and spiritual practice that are there for you every day. It can be a morning / day / evening / full moon / new moon / … routine. Maybe you want to build strength or invite flexibility and softness in a specific part of your body. We can also explore different Yoga styles like Yin or Kundalini and other aspects of Yoga besides the Asana. This can be Breathing, Meditation, Visualization, Mantra, Myofascial Release, Grounding Exercises, and more.
12 weeks Yoga Exploration Journey
  • 12 sessions (each one is 75 minutes)
  • WhatsApp check-in the day after our weekly session
  • Sequences written down with detailed cues so that you can practice them again
1.200 EUR
(Full payment or 3 payments of 400 EUR spread over 3 months)
Session Duration: ~75 minutes

These are the next steps when you are interested in the Yoga exploration journey:


Alignment Call

By now you might have a first feeling about my energy and me as a person. In this free 30 minute alignment call you can feel into it even more. Plus you can ask all your questions you might still have about the Yoga exploration journey. I’d love for you that this container feels light and safe and I want to make sure that my offer aligns with your expectations and that I can serve you in the best way possible. Book your free alignment call


If after our alignment call you decide to go on a Yoga exploration journey with me, I’ll provide booking and payment details via eMail. You will also receive a client agreement with important infos as well as a questionnaire. Your answers will allow me to prepare for our Yoga sessions.

Your Yoga Exploration Journey setup

We’ll meet on Zoom. Here we can hear and see each other via video conference. I can provide instructions on how to set up the program in advance. We meet once a week for 12 weeks. Each session is 75 minutes long. I keep an eye on the time so that you can relax completely.

This is how I teach

I adapt the exercises to your individual needs. Let’s not forget one thing:
We are all different!
Your body – your individual yoga practice! I’ll show you how you too can enjoy Yoga and find your own implementation. I will provide you with alternatives to simplify or intensify the exercises. We adapt the poses and exercises to you, not the other way around. Sometimes it’s necessary to regress to progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an experienced Yogi?
No! I adapt the Yoga class to you and your individual body. It is particularly important to me that you can feel the benefits of a regular Yoga practice and see how good it is for you.
Which props do I need for the yoga class?
You need a Yoga mat and enough space around it so that you can comfortably stretch your arms to the sides. A pillow or blanket on which you can sit a little higher is sufficient for the beginning. If you decide to practice Yoga regularly, I also recommend a Yoga cushion to sit on and 2 Yoga blocks.
What technical requirements do I need?
You need a stable internet connection and a device with a camera, (built-in) microphone and speaker (bluetooth headphones come in really handy). This can be a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. In my experience the screen of mobile phones is too small.
What training did you do?
I did my basic Yoga teacher training (200 hours) at Viva La Vida Lifestyle in Malaga (Spain). After that I participated in an advanced Yoga teacher training (500 hours) at Uplifted Yoga. I am also a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher (200 hours) by Kundalini University.