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This is my virtual home where I share what helps me on my journey of finding more ease and joy in my life. I’m Lisa – so lovely to connect with you! Find out more about me here.

Kundalini Yoga Sessions

During the past years I’ve been studying various Yoga styles and I fell in love especially with Kundalini Yoga. It is dear to my heart to share this beautiful practice with you.

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Kundalini Yoga Workshops

You want to learn more about Kundalini Yoga? I’m excited to share my wisdom with you!

In my workshops you will satisfy your head brain with infos on the science behind Kundalini Yoga. And as I am all in for self-experience and self-discovery, lots of exercises for direct exploration will be included.

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Tarot Reading & Coaching

The Tarot cards offer a way of connection to your soul’s wisdom. They encourage you to listen to your intuition and bring you awareness of what is important for you right now. In a Tarot Reading or Coaching I guide you to access your inner wisdom.

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